We are always prepared to give our potential clients an amazing sales pitch, but sometimes we freeze just before offering our price. There is a common concern that our price may be rejected; that the client may believe our price is higher than our quality. But salespeople need to remember that the worth of our services is not related to our client’s opinion of us. Their decision-making process is not related to us on a personal level. Learn to be brave enough to offer a fair price for your services.

Some people struggle with their idea of self-worth when it comes to naming a price. Your skills and experience make you a trustworthy leader in your industry when you can say “This is how much I’m worth”. Prospects will gravitate towards that confidence. Maybe it will take some positive feedback and practice before you decide to increase your price, but you should always charge for your experience, time and expertise.

While it is not wrong to build a reputation as being an affordable brand, if you want to create a solid and professional image that’s based on your expertise, you will need to shift the way you think about price. There is an outdated mindset that you must ‘starve for your art’, and this only brings about stress and resentment. I’m not saying that you should charge premium prices from the get-go, but there is nothing wrong with charging for your worth based on your years of expertise. In fact, this should be expected.

Many businesses know that they should charge more, but there is an underlying fear of losing sales or having clients believe your services aren’t worth the price. I believe you should leave your comfort zone and try something you haven’t done before. Instead of focusing on your potential failure, why not focus on your potential success? Of course, this can be hard to put into practice, but by focusing on negative outcomes, you are limiting your chances of success. Begin exploring the incredible possibilities that come with believing in your expertise!

Price is one of the hardest decisions you can make and isn’t one to make lightly. It requires understanding your worth and understanding your market. Sometimes, we shy away from asking for a fair price because we don’t have the courage to do so. Some people have no problem asking for premium prices for their services. Others hesitate to charge for what their time and efforts are worth.

Finding the confidence to increase your rates begins with believing in your worth – if you don’t believe in your expertise, then neither will your prospects.