Creating Flexible Work Opportunities

The flexible work trend has been on the rise. More team members are finding themselves working away from the office, and they are enjoying the responsiveness of this style of work. If you are interested in flexible work, here is how you can create flexible work opportunities for your team members.

More secure

Some companies are concerned about the security of collaboration apps, but programs like Microsoft Teams or Slack has taken measures to ensure the safety of you and your team’s data. Allowing your team members to work away from the desk through a communication program will not lead to great consequences, since all data is being accessed in a secure way. These companies also offer mobile device management, data loss prevention and cybersecurity, which is far more secure than traditional tools used for collaboration and communication.

Boost productivity

Team members who can work seamlessly while away from their desk get more done. During the day, there are many opportunities to become distracted. Having a communication app on your team’s mobile devices will help your team members remain engaged when more work comes up. Using the communication app is a fast and efficient way of working with both internal and external teams.

Appeal to teams

Many workers would choose flexible work options over a pay rise, and more and more people are looking for flexible work when they search for a new job. Offering the chance to work remotely will modernise your business, making it appear more desirable when you are trying to attract new employees. As well, losing your most valuable team members can be a big cost to your business. If it’s over their work schedule, allowing them to work more flexibly is a small investment to make.

Can businesses really say they are modern and up to date if their staff are using outdated digital tools and ways of working? Made to suit most types of businesses, from startups to enterprises, communication tools allow teams to get work done without compromising reliability, security or your team member’s happiness. Contact us to find a plan that suits your business needs.