The Problem – The client was an online short course provider which offered Professional Development courses for people wanting to upskill in their current job or industry.  They were very new to the market but had the backing of an established education provider. They needed their current customers to engage more with their products to assist in achieving progress and results. They were losing market share month to month.

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The Process – 9East conducted thorough research on the market and analyzed the processes and systems of most of the major players. We conducted surveys of current customers and worked on finding out the motivations of the purchasers. We decided on two main concepts to assist our client to meet their needs. Firstly, that education is infinite. It is something that not only lasts forever, but also that you can never stop learning. Secondly, we had to get people outside their comfort zone moving to an online space in an industry that was traditionally bricks and mortar.

The Result – We conducted a complete re-branding, starting with the creation of a new logo and corporate identity to showcase our chosen concepts. We updated the website to be more engaging and to better attract not only potential customers but re-engage current ones. Through the use of stylised and colourful imagery, we were able to attract a better class of customer and increase the ability of the client to assist people in achieving their goals.

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