Growth and Your Role

Even when everything is going well at work, there can be times when you feel like you can be doing more. Maybe you want to expand your capabilities or perhaps you would like to work on a challenging new project. Branching out in the workplace can seem tricky, but the truth is that your career development is on you. There is no reason you cannot explore your options and grow your role to work on things that matter to you.

Identify your value

One way to do this is by making it clear how your contributions will add value to the project or responsibility. How does your involvement help your team to reach their goals? How will your input make things more efficient? The more you can show the value of your input, the more likely it is that you will get the green light. And when you invite others to participate and benefit from your work, you will gain their encouragement and support as well. Do what you can to expand your capabilities while enabling those around you to do the same.

Find opportunities to learn

Take every chance you can to expand your knowledge and understanding. Get involved in workplace activities and workshops that pique your interest or see if you can attend industry talks and bootcamps. Bring back new lessons and new approaches to work. Share them with your colleagues or use them to advance future projects or improve your current way of working. By doing this, you show others how your experiences have increased your value. You might encourage your team leaders to invest more time into such development initiatives and more time into your personal growth and your role.

If these kinds of career development opportunities are not currently available at your workplace, consider doing your own research into industry conferences and events happening outside of work. There is also the option of taking on a passion project or developing new skills in your own time. Whether it is on the clock or off, the moment you feel like growth, just go for it. It is never too late to begin!