Focusing on your clients helps you find ways to better serve their needs, encourage them to spend more money with you and create more referrals. But to make this happen, you must first get closer to your clients.

Get closer to your current clients by understanding that mass markets do not exist anymore. Instead, marketers should pay attention to what makes one client different to another. Use this to gain their attention and convince them to buy your products or services. But try not to push your products and services to make a sale. No one appreciates having products pushed in front of their face with no consideration for personal space. Instead, if you want to push anything, we suggest you push value. Think about what value and knowledge you can offer your clients and push that – instead of leading with sales talk.

Many businesses misunderstand how to do marketing. They don’t spend enough time as they should to catering to their existing clients. Dedicate more of your resources to your current clients, instead of trying to land new clients. If you focus on your existing clients instead, you will be able to serve them better. This will motivate them to purchase more of your products or services. And your excellent service might get you some referrals from happy clients. You’ll consistently get more business from your clients thanks to the value added the products and service you provide.

Frequency matters. Try to spend more time engaging with your clients in a meaningful way. The few clients who account for a significant amount of your sales deserve to be engaged with more regularly. Identify your best clients (this may be your most loyal clients) and treat them better. Think about what you can do to offer them more value for their loyalty. Maybe you can hold a webinar for them, run a workshop, put together a special newsletter or even offer free additional services. There are many options out there. And taking the time and effort to help your clients feel special will reward your business in the long run.