The Problem – Our client was a private radiology business with several medical imaging practices in Sydney Australia. These practices were busy and consistently faced the real issue of not being able to transcribe medical images in to reports as required in an efficient manner. Patients and referring doctors would often request the results on the same day or just as the images were available. Radiology doctors used a method of voice recording devices which the typing staff would then transcribe, in between other administration tasks. Therefore, momentum was being lost on returning reports in a timely manner and was beginning to affect the efficiency and serviceability of the place.

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The Process – 9East provided and resolved lack of efficiency issues by creating an effective back office solution by working with available technologies to get the typed reports completed overseas. We liaised with South Asian representatives and established a new dedicated back office solution so that the typed reports were delivered almost real time as and when the doctors reported on the image. Right from resourcing to hiring to training and management was set up using simple user friendly technologies. Complete management of the issue was offered with a turnkey solution with little or no minimum commitment to the client.

The Result– The result improved efficiency, allowing patients to receive reports in an acceptable time-frame, almost real-time. It alleviated administration staff of the lengthy transcription task, who were now able to spend more time on service tasks and on internal procedure instead. The overall gain to the company was a 60-70% saving for the business and brand reputation restored. The capacity to take more work on was also dramatically improved. This medical imaging practice is grown in to a very large business now with practices in Queensland and Victoria operating under similar business models.

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