Top 3 Simple Marketing Strategies By 9 East Marketing Services

At 9 East Marketing Services, we believe that the three ways that businesses may compete in 2022 are product, service, and pricing.
Yes, there are other more factors that must be considered in order to develop a winning strategy. Marketing, promotion, operational techniques, geographic area, and other comparable issues must all be considered. However, actions in those areas only serve to enhance your pricing, service, and product strategies. In reality, just three fundamental components are required to develop a great business. Let’s delve further to grasp these three marketing components.

Product Strategy

This is the first component, according to 9 East Marketing Services, that is concerned with what is delivered to the market and consumed by the client. Commodity enterprises prioritize service and pricing above product strategy, but other organizations fine-tune their product strategy by modifying their mix of quality, value, features, and functions to meet the perceived expectations of a certain market niche.

Service Strategy

According to 9 East Marketing Services, this component is about determining how the marketplace will provide customer service. Differentiation arises via service excellence and customer experience. While developing your product, keep in mind the main features, benefits, and user requests and wishes. For example, if you own a food firm, you may decide to add some new varieties to your product range.

Price Strategy

This mechanism’s aim is to establish the rate to be charged for the product or service being offered. Choosing the right pricing for your products or services will help you optimize profits and build strong customer relationships. You may also avoid the big financial repercussions of improper pricing by pricing efficiently: too low – inadequate profit or too high – insufficient sales.


In an increasingly diversified and competitive marketplace, how you give your specific combination of product, service, and price may distinguish and engage your business. Don’t let the commentators trick you into thinking that strategy is only for major transactions. Everyone can learn to successfully compete by using these three components