9East Marketing Services

    is a business management consultancy here to help you achieve the next goal in your business plan. Many businesses start and move quickly but then plateau in their growth. 9East helps businesses move off the plateau and into an upwards direction to grow revenues and profits.

    We do this by combining years of business consultancy experience with knowledge to help companies to overcome obstacles to achieving their goals. Read the Marketing Blog to find out more from our founder, Amjad Khanche.


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    When you ask us to provide business management consultancy, we will help you decide on your business plans and goals and then make sure that you are achieving them.

    marketing consulting companies


    Don’t get caught out when it’s too late. We offer business management solutions to get your business in order.



    In today’s day and age, it matters how you are seen online. We’ll help you grow your online presence.



    If you have too much or not enough management, we can find your inefficiencies and solve them for you.


    I was stuck in a rut in my eCommerce business, unable to grow my customer base and not knowing where to go. It seemed like it was just work and I had lost the love for it. I asked 9East for help with my company to work out whether I wanted to continue even owning it. They helped to show me how to open new and interesting avenues for my products and make me excited to wake up to work again. Now my business has exploded and I have 3 full time staff helping me to manage the work.

    Sally Gibbons - Co-Founder

    I have been in Marketing for 30 years and felt like I was being left behind with how quickly the marketing went digital. I called 9East for some advice on how I could expand my knowledge base on all the new technologies and they gave me some great advice. My boss is happy because I know our product but we needed to gain new customers in a forever changing market and 9East was able to help me to make sure that I was following the right path.

    Pablo - Senior Marketing Manager

    I wanted to start a new small business but had no idea where to start or what I needed. 9East pointed me in the right direction and helped me with my small business plan. They helped me find investors to start my new business. I contact them constantly when I have questions or encounter something new that I don’t know about. They are only a Skype call or chat away and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

    John - General Manager
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