The Problem – The pharmacy distribution client needed a way to monitor when a particular transcript was sold in the actual pharmacies. When it should be destroyed, or when it was past the expiry date. It was a very manual experience, which meant it was only done when there was time to do so.

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The Process – 9East developed a backend system to keep up with orders. It used Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. These RFID tags communicated with an electronic reader that would detect the item and record the sales instantly. The reader was connected to a large network that would send information on the products to the pharmaceutical suppliers and product manufacturers. The RFID recorded when medicine stores/stocks were sold. This allowed suppliers to know when they needed to resupply pharmacies and ensure the process of pharmacy distribution.

The Result– The final solution alleviated pharmacies of the mundane, very manual task. Rather than waiting for a time that was available, it was recorded with each sale. Because the RFID system monitored when a medicine was sold, when it should be destroyed, or when it was past the expiry date it meant there was less wastage. Expiry dates were known ahead of time and pharmacy owners could expect to receive stock. Suppliers were the biggest winners, as they had insight into the pharmacies sales cycle, popular items and knew when to resupply.

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