The Problem – The client was a car brand in Australia who couldn’t effectively manage their car owner’s needs and automobile customer services. The client wanted to be able to tend to all consumer inquiries, and furthermore, fulfill all service requests for them. But they were struggling to meet demand. They were also competing with more established brands who were better able to fulfill these types of requests.

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The Process – 9East Marketing Services developed a back-end service. First of all, setting up an administration back office offshore. 9East recruited staff and put them through thorough training. Representatives were trained in customer service and the companies automobile and spare parts knowledge. 9East went a step further and set up a feedback funnel.

The Result– These steps allowed the company to receive real-time responses which allowed them to focus on core competencies. The 9East automotive industry consultancy helped with minimising cost structures. The result meant the company served the front-end, the customers. Properly listened to its customer’s problems and gained feedback which was not possible through the previous system. Proactively increased spare parts business as well.

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