Do you have a marketing plan for 2019?

Now that 2019 is here, your business should begin implementing its plan for the year ahead. Marketing is a rapidly changing area in the industry, and there are many big trends to come.
Long form content will be increasingly important in 2019. This content is preferred by search engines and users are always looking for more trustworthy sources. Also, the longer the content, the greater its chances of being shared by readers. While short-form content is often easier to create, long-form is an investment worth making.

Those who use video marketing increase their earnings 49% faster than those who do not, showing that it is a good idea to integrate video marketing into your 2019 plan. This year has great potential for growth with video marketing, so make sure you understand how to create content for your business that will reach your target market and reflect your brand.

Consumers are using voice search more than ever before thanks to the growing popularity of smart speakers. What does this mean for your 2019 plan? More online businesses will be creating audio content to meet the demand of consumers. This may introduce new platforms for advertising. Make sure that your website content is tailored to respond to these voice search demands.
Chatbots are another tool that has become popular over recent years. More businesses are embracing the personalisation and customer engagement capabilities provided by chatbots. And improvements to AI and machine learning are making chatbots more likeable and adaptable by customers. In 2019, you might want to think about using chatbots as an effective and cost-efficient tool for your business.

If your business isn’t on social media, it is time to add it to your plan for 2019. Facebook still dominates the social media realm, Instagram has consistent growth and LinkedIn rapidly increased its user base in 2018. Regardless of the type of customers you are trying to reach, it is almost guaranteed that you can find them on one social media platform or another.

Your customers want to know what you do. They want to trust you with their business and they want to reward you for having authenticity. Keep your business uniquely yours and be clear about what you offer and how you stand out from competitors. This authenticity will help you attract your target customers and can make your business initiatives more successful.