Have you ever wondered what businesses dominate the Fortune 500 list? Well here is a quick snapshot of the 2016 top ten wealthiest businesses in the world.

Coming in at number five is Royal Dutch Shell company profiting a casual 272 billion a year. It makes a bit more then rival company Mobil that takes away 246 billion per-annum profit.

Number four is a Chinese giant called Sinopec Group which is yet another Petroleum company that is listed in Hong Kong.  They make 294 billion per year!

Chinese National Petroleum makes it to the third position on the Forbes 500 list with 299 billion worth of profits per year.  These guys ship their oil all the way through the Middle East and Russia.

In at number two is a company called State Grid which is the world’s biggest power company.  State Grid is China state-owned.  It just goes to show that the basic consumer needs can earn you a ton of money; 330 billion in fact!

In at number one is Walmart profiting a cool 482 billion alone in revenue.  For a FMCG chain this is impressive!  They have dominated the top spot (1) eleven times since 1995.

Other companies that made it to top ten included automotive companies such as Volkswagen (number seven) and Toyota (number eight).  Apple made it into the ninth position that profits a cool 234 billion per year.  BP made it into the tenth position making a grand total on 226 billion per year.  Rumor has it that they are still recovering from their massive oil spill that happened in 2010.  To date, it has cost British Petroleum around 61.6 billion dollars!  Most of the major stakeholders are pointing the finger at each other as to who is to blame.

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