A successful sales pitch is all about creating a relationship with your ideal clients and showing how your services are a solution to a problem they have. A successful sales pitch is a dialogue, not a monologue.

Remember that your customer comes first. Identify their needs and communicate clearly how your services can benefit your prospective clients. This involves truly understanding who your client is and whether they are more logical and analytical, or more intuitive and innovative. This will help you know what and how to pitch.

Create a connection by telling a story. Your sales pitch can benefit by starting with a narrative about your brand and services. If done correctly, you can form a stronger connection between your business and your clients. This connection comes from their ability to relate to you on a personal level, giving them a reason to purchase your services.

When you begin writing your pitch, you’ll need follow the following steps:

  1. Start with a hook

This opening sentence should capture your client’s attention. It needs to connect with your client’s needs while telling a story about your business. If you get this hook right, you can convince them to continue reading.

  1. Offer a solution

Identify your client’s problems and then focus on how your services can fix these issues. If you can tackle these problems straight on, you show the client that you have considered their needs and found the solution.

  1. Add facts and statistics

People are more likely to purchase something that has had mostly positive reviews. So your pitch should include facts and statistics to support your claims. Make sure you include case studies as well to prove that your services are successful.

  1. Ask for a sale

Now that your client knows that your services address their needs, and that your claims are backed up with facts, you need to tell the client what to do next. Do they need to fill out a form or call your business directly? Make it simple with a clear call to action.

  1. Keep it short

Avoid information overload. If your sales pitch is too long, your client is going to lose interest and stop reading. Making your sales pitch the right length will maintain your client’s interest through to the end.

  1. Follow up

The conversation shouldn’t end at your first sales pitch. There are higher chances of hearing back from your client after you have made several follow-ups.